The Zen Mind: The Nature of Zen (Movie Clip)

This is a concise, clear overview of the Zen practice.  The short clip is from the documentary The Zen Mind by Empty Mind Films.

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A great Zen master called Tozan once wrote:

“The blue mountain is the father of the white cloud.
The white cloud is the son of the blue mountain.
All day long they depend on each other
Without being dependent on each other.
The white cloud is always the white cloud.
The blue mountain is always the blue mountain.”

This was Tozan’s interpretation of life. That each of us, like the white cloud, exists dependently yet independent. When the conditions change the cloud changes and just keeps going, leaving no trace, no past. This is the zen way.

Without effort, without intention. If there is a sound, we hear. If our eyes are open, we see. There is nothing more than this.

When we see ourselves as the white cloud, when we come to this realization of ourselves, it will be enough. And there is no confusion.

To awaken to this realization is the practice of zen.

About the movie, The Zen Mind:

In the last fifty years Zen has spread rapidly and far beyond Japan to affect every facet of western culture. Zen centers and zen retreats have sprung up throughout America and Europe and enthusiasts in the west far outnumber Japan. Yet what do we know about zen practice in Japan today? When Dogen, the founder of Soto Zen, brought Zen to Japan from China 800 years ago, it quickly took root and became an integral part of Japanese life. The Zen Mind is a fascinating journey across Japan to explore zen in its natural habitat.

Zen training is explored in The Zen MInd through the practice of zazen or sitting meditation and kinhin (walking meditation). With interviews, demonstrations of sitting and actual practice, we take the lid off the many misconceptions that abound in zen meditation. (from the movie description)

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