Mindful: A New Magazine for Living with Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice has gained widespread acceptance in just about every sector of society, so it comes as no surprise for a mainstream publication to emerge and cater to the needs of this growing demographic.

Meditation used to be a ritual associated largely with the serene setting of the yoga studio. But in recent years, a wide range of people–from Marines and office workers to even a member of Congress–have embraced a modern take on the practice called “mindfulness,” a Buddhism-inspired mental technique that encourages participants to focus on “being in the present” in hopes of leading a less stressful and more productive life.

Another sign of the movement’s journey into the mainstream: the arrival of Mindful, a new bimonthly magazine aimed at encouraging the mindfulness movement and helping average Americans apply its teachings to their own lives.

“Mindfulness is an inherent human ability that we all have, a basic human ability to fully (be) attentive to where we are and what we are doing at any given moment and also, out of that, (to be) more caring,” says Barry Boyce, Mindful’s editor in chief. “From our point of view, mindfulness is not an add-on to your life. It’s something you already have and can cultivate it further.”

The magazine, published by the Foundation for a Mindful Society, includes articles that wouldn’t be out of place in other general interest magazines–including advice columns, profiles, travel pieces and recipes. But the stories in its April 2013 premiere issue, hitting newsstands this week, all include an element of the theory of mindfulness–whether its imploring readers to focus on the taste and crunch of food or how someone is being mindful in their jobs and personal lives.

Mindful magazine comes as the mindfulness movement seems to be growing in popularity. “Being mindful” has been emaced by leading corporations, including Target, Google, Facebook and General Mills, which have offered training to its workers on how to use the techniques at work. Last month, the U.S. Marine Corps launched a pilot program integrating mindfulness into its teaching curriculum for soldiers–a program that could ultimately be added to training if the results are positive.

Mindful magazine’s founders say they are hopeful their publication will promote the movement’s expansion, but they also acknowledged an “entrepreneurial” element to their decision to launch the magazine, hoping that it will grow and become profitable despite a stagnant publishing industry that has suffered layoffs and seen older titles like Newsweek close their doors.

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You can check out the Mindful magazine’s website below.

Mindful.org websiteWhat is Mindful.org?

Mindful.org is the leading website dedicated to giving voice, inspiration, guidance, and connection to all those who want to enjoy the proven benefits of mindfulness practices and to create a more mindful and caring society.

Mindful.org’s readers learn from leaders in the field about effective techniques for mindfulness as it applies to their health, happiness, family, career, society, and more — and they learn the science that proves these techniques work.

Mindful.org reveals all the ways that mindfulness can improve others’ lives, too, across society — from workplaces to classrooms and doctors’ offices, to the environment and public policy. Readers tell their own stories as well, of discovering the benefits of mindful living, and sharing these benefits with others. (source: Mindful.org)

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One Response to “Mindful: A New Magazine for Living with Mindfulness”

  1. charles
    April 27, 2013 at 5:40 am

    Interesting. Mindfulness going mainstream. Not a surprise, we have Yoga Journal and such, so makes sense since mindfuleness is getting real traction.

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