Meditation practice has been known to help develop empathy, attention, mind-body interaction and strengthening of the immune system. Could this apply to children afflicted with autism as well?

Neuroscientists are understandably excited about the potential, and are encouraged by the latest research on the ability of meditation to make structural changes in the brain.

A recent …

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Young professionals, stressed from their demanding jobs, are opting out of the happy hour and turning to moments of stillness to unwind. Meditation is fast becoming part of the new generation’s culture. Here’s more of the story:

On a Thursday evening in January, a long line of young professionals snaked through the lobby of …

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Researchers may have found a mechanism by which meditation produces the physical benefits it has been known for. The study has found that practicing meditation has an almost instantaneous effect on gene activity, activating the beneficial genes in particular associated with cellular energy production, blood sugar control, and prevention of cellular aging. More on the …

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