The Physiological (And Other) Benefits of Meditation

Vedic meditation teacher Gary Gorrow describes the many physiological benefits of practicing meditation. According to Gary, when you practice Vedic Meditation your body rests in a state several times deeper than sleep. This profound rest creates the perfect conditions whereby your mind and body can purify and normalize, throw off stress and fatigue and come back to a state of balance.


Neuroplasticity: The Brain’s Ability to Transform Itself

Neuroscientists and psychologists tell us that we use on average 5% of our brain power, 5% of our mental potential. So it means that under stress your brain doesn’t function properly. And when you think what our brain is, it’s not like a rock. It’s not a hard fixed substance. There’s something known as neuroplasticity, which is basically indicating that on a daily basis our brain is shifting, moving, and it’s always developing new connections.

But the problem is when we just keep defaulting to that flight-or-fight response, we start to culture a state, and we cause the brain to hardwire in a certain way. So when we’re meditating something exquisite is happening to the brain, which is absolutely exclusive to the meditative state. You’re enlivening your brain completely.

And it’s shown that after doing this technique for about one or two minutes, your body is actually resting in a state which is 2 to 5 times deeper when it’s sleeping at night. When we’re meditating we’re actually enlivening the body’s innate healing potential. This is why people who meditate have been actually shown to be sick less. And if they do get sick they recover a lot quicker. They have less cardiovascular disease, less infectious disease, fewer cancers, and they live much longer lives.

            87% less heart disease

            50% less illness

            55% less cancer

Meditation Makes You Younger:
How Does Meditation Affect the Aging Process?

In order to demonstrate that, they took a control group of meditators and non-meditators. And what they’re all shown to be was matched biologically and chronologically for age. But what they did was measure them five years later. The non-meditators who had just been living busy worldly lives had actually been shown to accelerate their biological age on average by eight years.

The meditators, however, who had also been living busy worldly lives but had just been practicing this technique on a daily basis, they were actually found to have reversed their age by an average of 12 years. This is a profound thing. So it means that not only was the aging process slowed down, but it actually reversed. Now doctors are telling us that 90% of all our diseases are either caused or complicated by stress.

The Antidote

Meditation actually neutralizes stress. It’s known universally to do that. But it also does other things. Whilst you’re meditating, there’s the deep rest, etc., but coming out of meditation that state that you’ve been tuned into actually influences how you feel outside of meditation. And this is ultimately why we’re doing this technique. We’re not just closing our eyes to get blissful, although that’s a very nice thing to do. We do it because it shifts our perspective, it changes our awareness, and it changes how we adapt and react to life.

Your Mind Creates Your World

We need to evolve our minds so we can think in new, rich and profound ways. And meditation was a technology that was cognized for that purpose. The side effects of doing it are that you lose your stress, you become more creative, become more intelligent, become more centered. What you’re going to spontaneously find happens to you when you learn to meditate is your state of consciousness is going to grow, your state of awareness is going to become heightened. And this is essential and vital to life.

About Gary Gorrow

Gary Gorrow is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation and is regarded as the next generation of self-growth experts. Gary gained direct experience of higher consciousness and higher knowledge under the auspices of his teacher Dr Thom Knoles, a man recognized as the world’s foremost expert on Vedic Meditation and its related sciences. After 6 years of integrated study with Thom, Gary went to live with him in the mountains of Flagstaff Arizona and later in Northern India where he gained accreditation to teach the subtle art of Vedic Meditation. Gary is also an Ayurvedic Health Consultant and co-founder of ’1 Giant Mind,’ a non-profit organization that is undertaking a global initiative to unite science and spirit in the world’s largest experiment and assembly of eyes closed silence in human history.

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[…] Vedic meditation teacher Gary Gorrow describes the many physiological benefits of practicing meditation.  […]

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