Ken Wilber: Anchoring Big Mind in I-Amness

Ken Wilber, founder of the Integral Institute, leads participants through a process of stripping the mind of objects and resting in the ever-present subjective sense of I-Amness.


The simple recognition of I-Amness is an infallible recognition of ever-present awareness, of ever-present Big Mind. And if you are aware of your own I-Amness right now, it’s an infallible guide to Big Mind….

This fundamental I-Amness, the fundamental authentic transpersonal Self, is not dependent upon objects. Any object you can see is an object. It’s not the subject. It’s not the pure Self. so you want to get a sense of I-Amness stripped of objects, and realize if all objects are gone there’s still I-Amness….

You can actually feel that I-Amness. It’s present now. It’s present a minute ago… five minutes ago. I-Amness. And the objects are all changed. That’s what’s so important. What you are is not an object. That means that any thoughts that you have, that’s not what you are. Those are objects. Those change. The thoughts you have now, are they the same thoughts you had five minutes ago? No. You have I-Amness? Yes.

So interiorly, your body’s an object, your feeling are objects, your thoughts are objects. If you can feel the self-contraction, that’s an object. What’s aware of that? I-Amness. The pure Self.

So what was present five years ago? I-Amness. Fifty years ago? I-Amness. What was present five centuries ago? I-Amness. Show me your original face, the face you had before your parents were born. I-Amness. No objects at all. The fundamental ongoing I-Amness. What was present five millenia ago? Before Abraham was, I Am. The I-Amness is the only thing that exists.”

Learn more about the Big Mind precess and the Inrtegral Institute.

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ay says:

how about this though?

the self (amygdala) connects your feelings to the divine (non self part of your brain, to the right of the amygdala when viewed from the top). your amygdala can go crazy trying to get you food, shelter and water, using the non self part to those ends. when those needs are met, the amygdala persists when it doesnt have to and that fucks everybody up. so, thoughts of self are problematic. almost useless once youre fed and clean. the “big mind” thing is are the three nuclei to the right. the “divine” mind. is it counterintuitive that our survival is increased by turning off the self reference network?

i dunno!!! do you?

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